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Merle Halloween Veil

Merle Halloween Veil



A simple straight halloween veil that you can design to match your chosen theme. Whether your a zombie bride, a corpse bride, devil bride, etc. choose the colour and add it to your costume to complete the look.

Choose what colour you have it in, the length of your veil, how many layers and if you have it with a tiara, comb slide or headband. Both tiara and comb slide may be unsuitable for fine hair. We now only have silver tiaras available.

15 inches is rather short, probably above the shoulders. 20 inches is just past the shoulders and we would say 25 inches is 'bra length' so around the height of your bra fastener at the back and obviously, 30 inches and 35 inches are rather long. Personally, we'd recommend 20 inches and longer for the looks shown.

Check out our Colour Chart in the photos and then write in your custom colour choice in the text box provided.


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