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Hen Night Veils

We think we may have the biggest collection of hen night veils here. Honestly, we do. And we'll always be adding more. We're told not to give you so much choice, but we want to give you it all. And we want to give it to you now.

We've got lots of different themes and styles, you can choose your colours, you can choose if you have a tiara, headband or comb slide, you can have LIGHTS, L plates, horseshoes.. you name it, you're going to find it here! Want it tacky as hell? We've got it. Want it simple and sophisticated? YES! We've got it girls!

And if you can't? Then we'll make it right up for you! If you have the DREAM veil in mind for yourself or your BFF then send us a message with your thoughts and we can work out prices.