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i can do anything if i'm in a tutu

We are a mother and daughter team that work from a studio down the garden of our Nottinghamshire home.

All of the tutus we make are all designed, hand cut, sewn and packed by ourselves. 

We both had to finish our previous jobs through ill health after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which led to the creation of the Tutu Factory.

Wendy comes from a family of seamstresses and has several years experience making garments for Ann Summers, Jigsaw and various clubwear companies.

Luby has a degree in Fashion&Textiles as well as several years experience working in fashion retail and now also runs Luby&Lola.




Why do we think our tutus are the best?

Of course, we think our tutus are awesome but we know there's lots of other amazing tutu companies out there too! 

What makes us different? We think about you. We think how we'd feel in that tutu. We design for our customers of all sizes. We LOVE fancy dress. Our hobby is dressing up so we know what you want to wear and how you want to feel. I wear tutus throughout the year and I obviously wear my own tutus. I wouldn't sell something if I wouldn't wear it myself!

I've been a size 6 and I've been a size 18. I know how it feels to order a fancy dress costume in your size and have it not even begin to fit and find it barely covers your underwear. I've cried about wearing something that I feel 3 times bigger in. I've dreaded a night out because I hate my outfit. I've been sad because I've found the costume that I love and they don't even make it in my size. 

That's why here at the Tutu Factory we make tutus for ALL sizes. We have longer lengths to give more coverage and confidence, tutus that will look better on larger sizes. We offer underskirts for complete coverage so you have one less thing to worry about in your outfit.

All of our products are hand made by ourselves at our home in Pinxton right on the border of Derby and Nottingham, England. We cut them out, we sew them and then we pack them up ourselves. Everything is done by us. We don't outsource from China. We buy from local companies. The rest of our fabrics are from UK eBay sellers.

We're proud to offer a wide variety of tutu styles. Most people think of a simple straight tutus when 'tutu' is mentioned but here at the Tutu Factory we have lots of different styles to choose from. Some people say we offer too much choice. We'd rather you have lots of tutus to choose from and fall in love with THE tutu of your dreams than purchase one that just okay. And if you can't find the perfect tutu we will happily make up a custom tutu for you and not charge any extra for it!

Now it's time for you to head off on your magical search - Good Luck!


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