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Celebrating Pride with Rainbow Tutus! 🌈✨

Plus Size Plus Size Tutu pride tutus rainbow tutu

We've got a serious love affair with rainbows going on over here. We're talking about all the colours in the world, mashed up into one fabulous explosion of fabulousness. And guess what? Our online shop is practically bursting at the seams with the most jaw-dropping rainbow tutus you've ever seen!

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FAVE of the week!

best seller Best Sellers Fave Fave Tutu rainbow tutu

What was the Best Selling tutu of last week?! Being Pride Month do you think you can guess..?

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Best Seller - March Week 3

You should always be a GLOW GETTER.

Why stand in when you were born to stand out? And you certainly would in a poofy, neon, light up tutu, right?!

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Beat those January blues! Discounts Ahoy!

‘Tis the season to be freezin’



Hands up if you got those January Blues... 🙋🙋🙋



We get it, you've just taken those decorations down, the house looks bare (almost as bare as your bank account but shh... let's not even go there) you've started the diet and the rest of the month just looks meh.

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What size do I need?

Not sure what size you need? Let's see how we can help you choose the best size for you!


 What is my size?

Our tutus are generally One Size, in three different size categories

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