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Tutu Length Help

What length shall I go for?


What does the length mean? This is what length we cut the net of your tutu at.

So if you order a 10" long tutu that means we will cut the net at 10" and then cut it into your chosen style and then you have a waistband added. 


Here is a general rundown on lengths for adults, as a rough guide for you. It is always worth measuring yourself if possible to find your perfect length for you.

  • A 10" long is super short. And we mean, super short as in bum-skimming. If you're going to be wearing with leggings or tights or are quite happy to show your pants then we say work it, babes.


  • A 12" long is the most popular length for regular tutus. It usually comes around mid-thigh. So you're showing a bit of leg but not your pants. Well, until you've consumed that bottle of wine before you left the house, anyway.


  • A 15" long is a good choice if you want to cover the top half of the legs. It will usually fall around just above the knees or around the knee area. So you're covered up but you're still showing a bit of leg.

So anything longer than a 15" will generally give a good coverage of the legs. Please take into account that if you're blessed with generous hips/bum this can make your tutus stick out before down so you can lose length. 

Children's tutus - young girls we'd recommend at least 10-12" long if you want to make sure that they're covered. You can go a little shorter if they're younger.

We've recently done a post on length differences in our feather styleThere's photos included which might help you a little more!

Don't worry if the length isn't available. Just send us a message of which tutu you'd like in the size and your custom length and we'll work out a custom quote for you.