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Plus Size Tutus

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At the Tutu Factory we love dressing up, planning costumes and going out and having an awesome night.

But this cannot be done if you've ended up with a costume that doesn't even cover your knickers. Or the outfit that you purchased on eBay in your size wouldn't even fit your thigh and you now feel five times bigger, and you might as well eat that whole pizza that's in the freezer right now...

Everyone should be able to go out on a night out and feel at least happy about what they're wearing. (We know tutus aren't everyone's cup of tea...) So we have tutus to fit a UK 18-32 (We can also make larger sizes too!) As well as longer tutus and underskirts to give you more coverage and piece of mind. We know that not everyone wants to show off their thighs!

We have lots of tutus for our Plus Size ladies to choose from in a variety of our styles. You can also add extra layers of net and an underskirt for complete coverage from our Extras menu. We have a selection of Plus Sized tutus here but you will find most of our tutus in the store have both our Plus and Plus Extra sizes.

Not sure what style to go for? Please get in touch with any queries you may have or let us know what 'bits' you want to keep covered or what you want to show off and we'll try and point you in the right direction!