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What tutu length should I have?

Online shopping certainly does have it perks but if there's one problem it's that you can't try something on. Especially when you don't know what length tutu to go for.

It's a lot of hassle to exchange a tutu because you want your tutu longer or shorter. It's a question we get asked a lot. So we thought we'd go into more detail here for you and hope it makes things a little easier for you! We will also be touching on colours and how they look when applied to your custom tutu.

The hard thing for us when we're advising lengths is that no person is the same. One person who is 5'4 may have really long legs, another girl may be a 5'4 but be longer in the body. So the same length tutu on those girls would look completely different, despite being the same length.

You also need to think if it's being worn on the waist or low down on the hips. These are important things you need to think about or it will be really hard for us to advise what to go for.

Here are some photos all of the same popular tutu in a feather style tutu to show where certain lengths can fall and how the different lengths can also change the overall look of your tutu.

Please bear in mind that our mannequin 'Katie' is a goddess! She's a size 6-8, over 6 foot in height with a flat stomach and the longest legs known to man.


super short neon tutus


Above shows a super, super short 8 inch long tutu. The one on the left is worn higher on the waist and the one on the right is worn very low on the hips. As you can see it makes quite a lot of difference. The hot pants are hardly visible when wearing on the hips (but let's face it, we're still gonna see your bum in this length!)


short neon tutus

Above shows a short 10 inch long tutu. This is still a quite short tutu and you will still probably be able to see your pants. If you're wearing leggings this is a great length for a cheaper option. 


Shown above our 12 inch long tutu is the most popular. On most people it comes around mid-thigh. So you're showing a bit of leg but not your bum. And if you're wearing with leggings you're fully covered anyway!


longer length neon tutus tutu factory uk


The 15 inch long tutu above is popular for all sizes. As you can see the layers are a great length and the tutu looks full and very spikey. A 15" is usually above/around knee length. Here it shows Katie wearing it a little higher on the waist.

The tutu on the right is made of neon green, neon pink and neon blue shades. It has 'flashes' of neon blue and neon green to achieve the look above. Below you can see the colours as they are on a roll, and above you can see how they work when in a tutu. Hopefully this can help you have more of an idea of how colours work when applied to a tutu.




long fairy tutus unicorn tutus

Above shows an 18 inch long tutu. This shows the longer you have the tutu, the longer the layers will be. Here Katie is wearing it quite high on the waist but remember she's over 6ft tall! An 18 inch long on us normal shorties is usually around/just below the knee.

A 12 inch long tutu will obviously not have the same length layers as an 18 inch long tutu.

The above tutu is made of lilac, baby pink and neon blue. Below you can see the colours on a roll, and see how differently they show when made in a tutu. Because it is net the colours usually 'blend' together, especially using shades that are quite close together.




long purple tutus

This tutu above is a 21 inch long tutu. The layers are quite long in this tutu, the top layer being 11 inches long. Our first tutu showed an 8 inch long so that should give you an idea of the difference in layers with each tutu length. This is what we mean when we say that 'If you have this 12" tutu in a 21" long it won't look exactly the same as the picture.'

Again, below you can see the shades as they are on a roll and above showing how they blend when made into your tutu. As tutus are made of net you won't usually get block colours, they will blend and even create subtle shade changes when overlapping.



Hopefully this points you a little more in the right direction of what length would work for you and your needs.

You need to feel comfortable when wearing your tutu. We want you to feel good! If you're still unsure please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help!


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  • Jan on

    I am 5ft 9" with a 31" inside leg.
    I have bought two lindy bop dresses that could do with a tutu to give it that finished look.
    Ant ideas what length I may require?
    I have been thinking of measuring both dresses from the waist down.
    The other thing is the colour I may need.
    I have one black dress, the other is petrol blue
    What colour tutu would you choose?
    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards.

  • alison walker on

    Can you confirm my order will be out for first week of July please .

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