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News — holiday

We're now on holiday!




We've now broken up for our holiday - YAY!
That means no orders are processed from 27th July - 5th August. This means that no one is in the office to sew/ship out. Laura will be checking emails/messages occasionally for anything important.

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Closed for a holiday!

closed holiday orders

We are now no longer accepting new orders for dispatch before we close on Friday 29th July. Any orders placed after Sunday 24th July may not be processed until we reopen on Monday 8th August.We will close for one week from Saturday 30th August -Sunday 7th August.Laura will be keeping on eye on emails during our closure so if you do have a question about anything just send over an email and she'll get back to you when she's next online. We would appreciate your patience in awaiting a response. As usual, rude and harassing messages will not get you...

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