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What size do I need?

Not sure what size you need? Let's see how we can help you choose the best size for you!


 What is my size?

Our tutus are generally One Size, in three different size categories.


  • REGULAR sizes fit a UK 8-16.


  • PLUS size fits a UK 18-24.


  • PLUS EXTRA size fits a UK 26-32.

Check here for an international size guide. 


All waistbands are elasticated, and our sizing is quite generous. As all the tutus are hand made especially for your particular order, we are more than happy to accommodate your dress size or waist measurement. Please ensure that your size fits into the size range ordered. Just add a note to your order or send a message once you've placed the order. 


 In between sizes?

 Now, we know everyone is different. And it's hard sometimes, as you could be one size in Topshop and then another size in New Look. It is hard to work out your size when you can't try it on. Our waistbands are elasticated and do stretch a little smaller and a little bigger.

If you're sort of a 16 and sort of an 18 what do you do? 

To be honest, a Regular size can stretch up to a size 18. Wendy, my mum, the main seamstress can fit a regular size tutu on and she's a 20. But it's how you'll feel wearing it.

Yes, a regular size fits Wendy but it is tight and she's only put it on for five minutes, she's not wearing it for hours on end. So really, that choice is down to you.

The Plus size has an extra panel so will have a lot more room. If you think that you can get away with the regular, go for the cheaper option. If you want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the tutu then go for the larger size.

But at the end of the day, we'll always leave the choice down to you as it's you who will be wearing it. (Although if we could be going out with you in a tutu, we'd be there straight away!)


What's the difference between sizes?

 Why's there a price difference between sizes? Because we use more net for each size.

A Regular size tutu has three panels of net per layer. This enables it to stretch enough to reach to the biggest size of a REG but also stretch back down to the smallest size.

A Plus size has four panels per layer and a Plus Extra size has 5 panels. So that's an extra 2 panels more than a regular size so you get a lot more room but it also uses a lot more room when you add all of the layers up. Which is why the price goes up unfortunately. We'd rather you have plenty of room than use less net just to make it cheaper.


What length shall I go for?

We've recently done a post on length differences in our feather style. There's photos included which might help you a little more!

We get a lot of emails concerning tutu lengths. It's difficult to tell someone what length to go for as everyone is different. I'm known for my love of skater dresses as they do look good on me and my figure. But my friend, Mel who is slightly taller but the same weight looks completely awful in them and about 6 years old. I think this is because she has longer body than me which is why it's so hard to say to someone "You should go for this length." But we'll give you a rough idea of where the tutus fall on a typical female.

  • A 10" length is super short. And we mean, super short as in bum-skimming. If you're going to be wearing with leggings or tights or are quite happy to show your pants then we say work it girl.
  • A 12" length is the most popular length for regular tutus. It usually comes around mid-thigh. So you're showing a bit of leg but not your pants. Well, until you've consumed that bottle of wine before you left the house, anyway.
  • A 15" length is a good choice if you want to cover the top half of the legs. It will usually fall around just above the knees or around the knee area. So you're covered up but you're still showing a bit of leg.

So, you should be able to grasp that anything longer than the 15" long will be under the knee. If you want to be completely sure what length to order then just use a tape measure (grab one from ikea if you're desperate - sorry Ikea!) Just loosely place it from where you'd wear your tutu (waist or hips) to wear you'd like it to fall. 

A lot of our tutus are modeled on our mannequin Katy. Now, she's about 6 foot tall with legs up to her armpits. So, the tutus will probably come slightly longer on you if you aren't blessed with her goddess body!

Don't worry if the length isn't available. Just send us a message of which tutu you'd like in the size and your custom length and we'll work out a custom quote for you.




And if you're still not sure? Send us a message and we can help you choose.


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