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Best Plus Size Tutus

Stuck on what tutu to choose so you can feel fabulous?

Here we will cover what styles generally look like on Plus Size babes from feedback we've had from customers, as well as ourselves.

Keep in mind that our tutus all have elasticated waistband with a generous stretch for plenty of room and comfort.

💖 Feather style

A feather is cut in a 'zig zag' along the hem for a spikey 'feather' look and is a fun tutu to wear that usually flatters most sizes.

The two layer feather styles are a popular choice for the curvier ladies. They are only made of two layers though so we'd advise to wear leggings/tights or add an underskirt for complete coverage.

💖 Cascade style

The cascade style has vertical cuts on each layer, which makes it really poofy and that it sticks out. The more layers it has, the more it will stick out. It generally sticks out before going down, so you can also lose some length with this style too.

We used to say AVOID! as we got a lot of feedback one year from girls saying their hips felt really big in that style but then quite a few other people ordered the cascade style ignoring the whole avoid comment and said they felt better in the cascade because it stuck out so much they looked slimmer.

So, with the cascade style, it's totally up to you. They really do stick out and can stick out more if you 'poof' them up. Avoid if you don't want a tutu that sticks out or go crazy if you want one that's the poofier the better!

This style is definitely either a love or a hate style for our Plus Size Babes, so you do you! As long as you feel happy in your tutu, that is all that matters to us.


💖 Straight style

The straight style is a simple style, more like an A-line skirt. A little bit like the cascade, the more layers added the 'poofier' it will be, so it depends if that is what you're looking for or not.


💖 RaRa style

The RaRa style tutu is a HUGE favourite for our curvier babes. Another simple tutu cut completely straight but has several layers in different lengths.

Most of the raras we sell are in the Plus and Plus Extra sizes. We've never had any bad feedback from curvy girls regarding this style so it is a good style to go for! The Lady RaRa is a great one as it has a longer section at the back so it gives even more coverage there too. 


If you're still unsure, or if there is a tutu we don't yet have listed with plus size options please get in touch so we can work out a custom tutu/quote for you!