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Best Sellers! January 5th - 12th

What are you loving this week at the Tutu Factory?

Last week was our first full week of 2018, here's the Top 10 Faves of the year so far!

Number 10 Best Sellers Jan Week 1 Tutu Factory UK

In at No.10 is the Magical Rainbow Light Up tutu. The colours of this tutu are awesome, they really blend into each other for a super rainbow look! The version without lights is always popular for Plus Sizes as feathers can be really flattering and this looks great in a long version too.


neon light up tutu factory best sellers January 2018 week 1


No.9 is our Neon Lights tutu. This is always a popular tutu, especially for hen nights. A perfect choice if you want a light up tutu and really poofy.


White Minnie Mouse Veil Disneyland Hen Weekend GOALS

Our Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse veil has really been a huge favourite this week and is at No.8! And we think it's thanks to some new awesome photos from a Disneyland hen weekend from Alice over at The Parnell Passport. True Disneyland Paris Hen Weekend GOALS!


Light Up Tinkerbell Tutu Disney Run Costume Disneybound

At No.7 is our light up Tinkerbell tutu! This is a really popular choice all year round. We get orders of this tutu for raves, Disney runs, hen nights... you name it! Look how good it looks in this photo.


light up neon tutu top 10 best sellers tutu factory january 2018

What?! We can't believe this isn't at Number 1! In at No.6 is the popular Vibalights. It feels like we make 10-20 of these beauties a day and yet it's still not at number 1! It just goes to show you can never predict week by week what will be the best seller. Still a beauty though and a favourite for hens a girls birthdays.


Minnie Ears With Tiara and Veil For a Disney Bride

At No.5 we have another Minnie Mouse veil! Honestly, sometimes it feels like we supply all of the UK with Disney inspired veils 😂This version is our True Love's Kiss veil which has a tiara instead of a bow for a real Disney Princess feel. 


Group Disney Hen

At No.4 is our Minnie Mouse Bridal set. We had so many orders with sashes last week with lots of different colours. There were some lilac and baby blue sashes which just looked gorgeous!


Fire Tutu Dance School Tutus Best Sellers

No.3 is the Girl On Fire tutu. This was really popular over Halloween and the end of last year. We expected it to die down a little but it's still as popular as ever. lots of dance school orders for this hot tutu.


light up fairy tutu

The Fairy Lights tutu is in at No.2! We had a lot of group orders for this tutu last week, as well as it being a popular purchase on it's own. Top colours were white sparkle/blue mix as shown and a white sparkle/neon pink mix. It really is a pretty tutu.


Minnie Mouse Ears Any Colour Bow

And at No.1 is our Pretty Minnie Hair Bow! (This also includes the Group Set Minnie Ears) Obviously a lot are for Disney Hen Nights to go with our Minnie Mouse veils but we also get a lot for Disney trips (more than a little jealous guys!)

What will the Best Sellers be next week? Will it stay the same? Let us know your predictions!

Have a good week lovelies.



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