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Add an underskirt

Add an underskirt


We want people to wear our tutus with confidence so they can enjoy their night. Tutus are not for everyone (I do not believe this) But if you are being forced to wear one, we'd rather you bloody well feel good in it!

A lot of people are unsure of tutus because of their size or they don't want people to see what they had for tea. Here, you can add an underskirt to your tutu order. This will make it so you have complete coverage and peace of mind.

As well as this, the underskirt is also separate from the tutu so you can use it again with other tutus and fancy dress outfits. You can think of it as an investment! 

If you're purchasing a feather or a cascade style tutu we would advise to go for a shorter underskirt so you can't see the underskirt poking out at the bottom and ruining the style of the tutu.

Usually, underskirts will be a similar colour to the tutu where possible.

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