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Girls Raver Train Tutu

Girls Raver Train Tutu


All aboard the Rave Traaaaain!

A super neon tutu with a longer train at the back of the tutu. Great for the Bride to Be on her neon hen night! You can choose which three colours you have your tutu in to match your theme or accessories. 

Choose your three colours from the colour chart in the photo gallery of this product and write in the available text boxes. Front of tutu is made in three layers so will not provide complete coverage. You can add additional layers or an underskirt from our Extras menu.

Whether your child is attending a dance recital, birthday party, or just playing dress-up, our Girls Raver Train Tutu is the perfect addition to any ensemble. It's easy to wear and care for, and the bright colours and unique style are sure to make your little one feel confident and special.

Image shows 12" long front tutu with a 25" long back in neon blue, neon green and neon pink. Also has flashes to make it stick out more which are your top and bottom colours.



If you'd like a specific waistband colour (from black or white) please add a note or email once you've placed the order.



Unsure on lengths? Feel free to measure and email us if you need custom lengths for her. Keep in mind that it's better to be a little too long than too short.


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