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Neon Duo Tutu

Neon Duo Tutu


Just TuTu Cute.

The Neon Duo tutu is made of two layers of net in our feather style tutu.

This style is flattering for all sizes and is a favourite of ladies looking for Plus Size tutus. We also have a version with sparkle net on top in our Feather collection.

Choose which colours you'd like for the top and bottom layer and type it into the text box available to place your order. You can view all available dress net colours in the color chart in the photo gallery of this product. 

Because you can choose your colours this makes it easy to add to nearly any fancy dress theme or girly hen weekend fun! 

Please note that the tutu is only made of two layers so it will not provide total coverage. Either wear with leggings or tights (unless you want to show off that big of leg ladies!) or you can even add an extra net layer or an underskirt from our store if you want to make sure you're totally covered! We want you to feel confident in your tutu girls.


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