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Into The Blue

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We're loving the pics of our Plus Size Brand Rep, Kitty Rambles Alot.

We made her up a Preppy Tutu in a royal blue. We later learned she wasn't the biggest fan of the colour blue. I think when you are a Plus Size lady you feel as if you should wear black. We're told to think that it's 'slimming,' or that it's 'safe.'  


"I really enjoyed the contrast of the royal blue with the black. I actually really ended up loving this outfit, so I am so glad I was able to challenge myself to wear a colour that usually makes me so uncomfortable. I think the blue kinda worked for me, and I love how full that tutu is. It was so windy when I took these photos but the lining of the tutu meant I didn't have to worry about flashing my pants. They have an elasticated waist which meant it was really comfy, and they will custom make any size or length tutu, as well as having a huge plus size range as standard in sizes up to a 32. I absolutely adore a good tutu, but the UK seems to be lacking in them, so to see an indy company making them in sizes up to a 32, and even doing a kids range, is so so cool."  Kitty Rambles Alot


Doesn't Kitty look awesome? Did she really need to be scared to wear blue? Make sure you try at least once this year, to wear a scary colour. You might love it.

We love Kitty in this tutu so much we've renamed our Plus Size Preppy tutu after her!

Check Kitty's YouTube channel out here.


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