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Recent love for the Tutu Factory

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We've been getting some lovely reviews lately. It's been so nice! 

Honestly, every single person that takes the time to send us a message or leave a nice review makes our day. We're not just saying it, it really does. If Laura isn't in the office that day she gets a screenshot and I'll go and show it to the other girls in the shed. (Sorry, I mean the 'Sewing Room')

Sometimes people only bother to take the time to leave a review or send a message if it's to moan (we're the same! Me and Laura love a good moan) And it's usually the bad feedback you get that stays with you. We know we can't please everyone and we shouldn't take it personally. But when you're with the process from start to finish it is hard not to take it personally.

But that also means when we get nice reviews we love it! We're like "Yes, I did that one. I'm awesome, I know."

So we thought we'd share some reviews and messages we've had in the last two or three weeks. We're totally feeling the love!


If we've got something spare that we think will go with your outfit, we'll be putting it in! We love surprises so we like to make sure other people get a little surprise every now and then too.



Feedback like this. Makes the early mornings and late nights worth it.


Positive etsy reviews! YAY!


We don't always get it spot on, but we're still happy with 4 out of 5! We also don't want you to think we're just posting the best of the best to look good.


Elizabeth won our £50.00 shop voucher in our Facebook page giveaway competition on her birthday so we threw in some extra goodies as a surprise. 


It's not just reviews and wall posts that we get but we also get messages. We don't care where you post it or even if you don't let us know you're happy. But if you let your friend know how much you liked your tutu or your Minnie ears, that's honestly all we can ask for! Word of mouth is the best advertisement for anyone so thank you if you've ever mentioned us to someone!


Tutu Factory Reviews

Tara is one of our best customers ever. She's always buying light up tutus and introducing her friends to the store! She's always very lovely and patient and always lets us know that she loves her tutus! We just love her :)


We love getting excited with our customers! Danielle had a Rush Order and we were able to keep her updated on the progress through Facebook and so she knew when to expect it.



Katy and Baby Instagram

Katie is a blogger that wanted to do a review on some of our wedding Minnie ears and veils and we sent her parcel out last week with a few extras and new editions for her to check out. It was lovely to get such a lovely message back and we can't wait to see her new vid up on YouTube soon. Check her YouTube channel here.


Jemma was an absolutely customer. We were going to struggle to have her tutu arrive on the day she needed it and as she lived quite near she came to pick it up from us. She was so lovely and even our westie Archie loved her despite her still being in her veterinary uniform!

Harley Quinn outfit Tutu Factory customer
Her outfit looked amazing altogether!



 So, thank you for the recent love! 

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