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Rapunzel Themed Minnie Ears

belle bride disney fancy dress minnie ears rapunzel veil

Two things you need to know. 

1) Fancy dress to me is serious business. And I'm all about the detail.

2) I'm really un-organised. Everything is left to the last minute concerning my costumes.

This weekend was my 90s Butlins weekend. We go every year so we can dress up and dance around to cheesy 90s music. And we take our theme very seriously. We plan all year. Some of the group have even had real fall outs over who is going to be what character of the chosen theme (when we finally agree on one) Don't mention Peter Pan, it's still a sore subject.

This year we decided to do Disney as one of my BFFs was 30 this year and had a Disney Party. We loved our costumes so much we thought we'd wear them again for the Butlins weekend. 

I'd given my BFF a gift of hand made Minnie ears inspired by her favourite character Belle. Our other friend who spent the weekend with us was dressed as a Minnie Mouse Bride so obviously, she had one of our Minnie veils. I didn't want to be left out so I decided that morning, a few hours before I was being picked up for the two and a half hour drive that I was going to make the ears. Thankfully, I had lots of paper flowers in as I'd been adding them to my Rapunzel hair.

Thankfully, I wasn't dressing up as Rapunzel until the next night so the ears had plenty of drying time and worked out well!

Rapunzel inspired Minnie Ears

disney rapunzel minnie mouse ears  


I wasn't sure if I wanted the bow on with the flowers or not. What does everyone else think?



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