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Designers are always on call

Behind The Scenes Butlins Costume Fancy Dress Tutorial

Sometimes being able to sew is kind of like being a doctor. You always seem to be ‘on call’ even if you aren’t actually doing a shift at work!

People always seem to think I carry a sewing kit around with me so I can just ‘sew on this button’ or ‘take this dress in’. I do take some supplies when we go away for fancy dress weekends now as there will always be something that needs doing!

And not just that, people always drop by needing a last minute tutu or a costume ‘ASAP’ Obviously, for friends and family we’ll always try and do it. So, of course when my cousin Kelsey (basically my little sister) needed a bath scrunchie costume how could I say no? Being related to a tutu designer means we have to make sure she looks the best.

But little did I know that bath scrunchie costumes take a lot more work than expected! Still, it’s pretty easy to do yourself if you start it in plenty of time! With customer orders, a new website to launch and hospital appointments at least twice a week it’s safe to say that I did not start this in plenty of time… So, the week before Kelsey needed it we decided we ought to get started.

She ordered an orange bodycon dress on eBay so we could have that as a base and would also give coverage too. She also ordered a roll of orange tulle. We ended up needing two rolls, make sure to order together if you do decide to make one. We ran out and the second roll we ordered was a different shade of orange. Thankfully, the front was fully complete so it wasn’t too noticeable!



I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about making the look of a scrunchie to begin with so we pinned the tulle into place whilst Kelsey had the dress on. (It’s a good job I’ve know her since birth haha) In the end I scrunched up the tulle and then sewed onto the dress. Some people might find it easier to sew some scrunchy parts and then sew on to the dress.




But it does take foreverrrrr

This was a few weeks ago and the tip of one of my fingers is still hard because it got so sore!

BUT eventually it was complete! We added some rope to the dress for detail as well as a duck headband! For the headband I used a scalpel to cut slots in each side of the duck and poked the headband through so no glue is needed. You could always use a glue gun instead too.



And here is Kelsey modelling her outfit! The rest of the girls also made their outfits too. It took over their lives so if you’re going for the bath scrunchie theme be prepared to put the effort in! It’s been a popular outfit in America. I’ve not really seen it done much over here in the UK (and I’m a professional at dressing up!) So it’s a good theme if you want to do something a little different.

And no. I will never be making one of these ever again, thank you very much!


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