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Minnie Madness!

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I'm seriously thinking of renaming ourselves the Minnie Factory... OK not really, but it's what I feel like we're called at the moment!

I packed up our biggest Minnie order of the year yesterday. Well, it was until someone placed an order late last night and beat it!

I had only just recently added the Group Minnie ears to our store and eBay shop and they were added straight away. (I may have created a Minnie Monster here..) 

Michelle ordered a total of 20 ears in the black with red bows. A popular choice as it's traditional Minnie!


Group Minnie Ears


But she chose special hand made ears for the Minnie Bridal veil. Gave me a opportunity to take another photo of our A Whole New World veil which looked beautiful of course!


White Minnie Ears Veil with Tiara


It's a lovely choice for the bride as it has a tiara which makes it different from the girls and that the fabric we use for the hand made ears is SO sparkly. It will really make the bride stand out and feel special!

She also ordered our Minnie Mouse sash. Hopefully we'll get to see some pics and share with you!

So, that was our largest order of the year so far (and we're only just into February!) Last night we had an order of 26 Minnie ears with a veil and sash. Will this be the biggest??


I also made up our Once Upon A Dream veil with a baby pink bow and the customer also purchased some of the sparkly Minnie ears as well. I liked this idea as they really went together. The bride was still in the same colours as the girls but hers was a little more special as you can see below. 


Once Upon A Dream Veil Pink Bow


Best get back to my mountain of Minnie ears! 

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