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Minnie Mouse Hen Night Inspo

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Minnie Mouse theme hen nights are all the rage. If you're not sure where to start or want to do it a little differently then hopefully we can inspire you here.

We've gathered a few of our favourites here but we have a huge Pinterest board full of ideas and inspo here.


To purchase any of our Minnie Veils you can purchase them via our ETSY Shop!


Disneyland Princess

Minnie hen weekend ideas

Now, if you're lucky enough to spend your Hen Weekend at Disneyland (We hate you.) this is a really cute idea. Personalised tops to create the date of the wedding on the back. Love the different Disney Princess silhouettes on the front too! Hens can wear normal Minnie ears or purchase some from the shop whilst you're there - good idea for a souvenir as a memory of a great weekend! And the bride can wear Bridal ears or a Minnie veil. 

A good idea if you're not into nights out too, you'll get some great pics!

I can't get a link to the tops and I assume the girls are in the US but most print companies accept custom orders. OR if you want to take a go at yourself just purchase some Transfer Inkjet paper from eBay and make your own. (A fun night with the girls!)


Sophisticated Princess

Disneyland Hen Weekend Ideas

If dressing up isn't your thing but the girls want you to do something, what one of our customers recently did might be just for you! A day at Disneyland Paris with just the ears and the veil for the bride then carry on to Paris for some grown up fun. Shopping, sight seeing and a few vinos in your nice dresses!


Vintage Minnie

Retro Minnie Mouse Hen IdeasMinnie Mouse Plus Size Hen Ideas

If you're a little bit more quirky or into vintage clothes the retro 'Minnie Look' might be the best idea for your Hen Night. And everyone loves a Rockabilly dress don't they? Gorgeous dress, killer heels and cute curls all finished off with a pair of Minnie ears. Love the added polka dot sash around the middle to match the polka dot ears. Perhaps all the girls could have one to have everyone matching in a small way. A good idea if the girls are all shapes and sizes too, these dresses are a ladies firm favourite and come in various cuts and styles to cater to everyone's tastes!

The bride to be could wear a red dress too with a Minnie veil or she could stand out in a white dress to make sure she's the centre of attention! 

Check out our Polka Dot Minnie Mouse ears here.


Cutie Pie

Minnie Mouse Bachelorette Party Outfit Inspo

I love this look! It's really on trend right now too as everyone is going crazy for the longer, poofy tutu skirts. It looks really cute and would be a hit with all the girls I think. It offers a lot of coverage for those who don't want to flash the flesh but it's also cute and fashionable. A good look if you're planning on celebrating from day to night too. This look would fab for the girls, perhaps the Bride in white? She could even have a white sparkly one like ours Cinderella tutu here

Check out our similar versions of this black tutu like our Prom Tutu here.



Disney Bridesmaids Outfit Ideas


If you're going for a weekend away and want to wear a nice dress then this would be a good idea. The bride in her beautiful white outfit with white Minnie veil and the girls in their outfits and normal Minnie Mouse ears. Even better if they can all be in the same colour, as above!

Black or red for the hens would obviously be better and keep in with the ears as you can see. But we do make other coloured Minnie ears (as well as other stores too!) if the girls wanted to go for a different colour.



Tutu Girls

A popular idea is printed Tees, tutus and Minnie ears. You can go quite different with what you do with the hens tutus. Have them all red, red and black, red and white, polka dot etc. with the bride in white so she stands out. Love the Disney font on the tops too!

All of our tutus can be chosen in various different colours so you can do this look in any version of our tutus.


Bride to Be

Minnie Mouse Bride ideas

Disney Minnie Hen Bistro Live

Another popular look is for the Bride to Be (or Brides to Be in our customer photo above!) to have a polka dot tutu to complete the Minnie Mouse 'look' and the rest of the girls in black. Some go for personalised Tees, sashes, whatever you'd like to accessorize with. This can even be a nice surprise for the Bride to Be on the day!

The veils in the three pictures above are from our Minnie Mouse inspired veil range and we sell a variety of polka dot tutus in a variety of sizes and lengths. 


Fancy Minnie

Minnie Mouse Hen Night Fancy Dress


It's simple and easy as well as cheap (most of the time) You can get fancy dress costumes on eBay really cheap if you look around. There are LOTS of different Minnie Mouse costumes to choose from. It's great if all the girls can get the same one, as you can see above - it looks great! But if there's more than 5 or 6 of you, odds are you aren't going to agree on which to go for. Not to worry though, it still looks good even with different costumes as you'll all still be in polka dots! 

Custom Minnie Mouse ears, veils and tutus are more than welcome! Just get in touch.

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas for your Minnie inspired Hen Party. There's more outfits, ears, veils, food ideas, shoes, nails, make up... you name it, it's probably on there!

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