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Lucky Bride Tutu - How It's Made

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Lucky Bride Hen Night Tutu

Our Lucky Bride tutu is often popular for hen nights as it can be made in a variety of colours and you can choose from a variety of add-ons to match your theme or outfit. We also do a veil in a similar style if you like the idea but don't want it as a tutu here.

This version that we're doing a walk-through with is a REG size at 10 inches long, all in white sparkle net. The customer's chosen add-ons were pink L plates, silver horseshoes and stars.

Where do we start?

Once a customer order comes through it gets printed off to be put into our Order Book ready for when the order can be packed. It is then written into the Cutting Book with any other orders, to wait for it's turn to be cut. 

We don't have photos of the cutting process here but it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to cut it out. Each 'layer' has three panels, with it being a Regular size. This tutu has three layers, so that would be 9 panels in total which we then make vertical cuts (not completely to the top) to create the cascade style you can see above.

Total Cutting Time: 10 Minutes

Total Sewing Time: 20 Minutes

Hand made L Plates

handmade pink L plates

Now the only L plates you can buy 'pre-cut' are the traditional red L Plates. Any other colour chosen through our website are made by ourselves here in the studio. 

They are really easy to do, just a pain in the a*$e if you have lots to do! I have to really concentrate to cut straight lines... Designers have to have some faults!

We just print them onto card and hand cut. I usually cover them in sellotape (see below) on the front and back, simply place them in the middle of the wider sellotape and fold over and then re-cut around. Just to make sure they don't end up curling and to keep them safe from the glue.


handmade L Plates Pink Hen Night


This set of L plates only took around 10 minutes to print and cut out as our customer was having our shorter style tutu and in a Regular size. Obviously if it was a really long, Plus size tutu I'd have to use a lot more L plates which bumps the time up.

Total Time: 10 minutes


L Plates are really easy to add, they're the best part off the add-ons. So easy and quick!

Time: 3.5 minutes

Total L Plates: 16 


Adding the Horseshoes 

Adding horseshoes is always a messy job. They do look lovely, but you have to glue the whole back of the shoe and press on to make it stick. The problem? They have holes in them so you get glue on you from every single one. And I'm a messy pup anyway!

Lucky Bride Tutu with Horse Shoes

Total Time: 7 Minutes 

Total Horseshoes: 24


Adding the stars

add stars to tutuSee all those stars? I have a huge Lush box full of stars. It's the really big £60. Big as in you could put your arm in and it would come up to your elbow. And it is filled to the top with the stars you can see in the photo. LOTS OF STARS. 

And because our customer wanted just the silver stars I have to sift through them all to find silver ones. It's a pretty job, but I could do with a fairy to sort out the colours! So not only do i glue them on individually I have to go and search them out individually.

Total Time: 9.5 Minutes

Total Stars: 49

Lucky Bride tutu complete

And it's done!

Total Time: 60 Minutes

Total Add-Ons: 89 

Now you can see the amount of time and effort we put into our Lucky Bride tutu.



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