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Best Sellers January Week 2

Best Sellers Top Sellers

The second week of January was just as crazy as the first! 

We're having two separate top 5 sellers this week. As we've had an insane amount of orders for Minnie ears and veils (just the usual now it seems!)

Let's start the week off with our top 5 tutus!


No.5 Fairy Lights

Our Fairy Lights tutu is made in a feather style tutu with a top and bottom layer of sparkly net, a middle layer of plain net and white LED lights all around the tutu.

It can be made in a variety of colour combinations to match your theme. A popular choice for fairies, hen nights and Disney marathons!

No.4 Neon Vibe

A popular tutu made in our spikey feather style of three different colours. You can choose which three colours you have it in.

Picture shows 15" long which is great for coverage and a spikey style.


No.3 Vibalights

The same style as our popular Neon Vibe - just with lights!

Again you can choose your three colours to match your outfit.


No.2 Girl On Fire

Halloween may be over but the love for our Girl On Fire is not!

A six layer cascade tutu made in several hot shades and  micro LED lights for a true fire feel.


No.1 Neon Lights

Yes, it's number one! It's always a popular tutu. It's poofy, neon and it lights up! You can also design your own and choose your three colours to match your theme. Or you can purchase it in one whole colour, by heading to our Spotlight tutu.


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