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Changes at the Tutu Factory

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We're back from our week off and we've decided to make some changes here at the Tutu Factory.

What will we be changing?

  • Processing Times
  • Refunds and Exchanges 
  • Communication  
  • Introducing Luby&Lola


Processing Times

Our processing times are changing. We're increasing our processing times to 1-3 weeks. Certain items that require more work will be set at 2-4 weeks but this will be stated in the product descriptions, so you can be fully aware of the time frame before purchasing. 

Some orders may still be sent out within a week, and others may take the full three weeks. It will vary depending on how busy we are and what it is that you've ordered. 

Our business is growing and our products are now in even higher demand. Just recently we've been working 12-13+ hours a day to get orders out within the 1-2 weeks processing time. We've made the decision that this cannot carry on. We don't pay ourselves overtime and we deserve to have some kind of life outside of our work.

As well as improving things for ourselves, it will also improve our service. Instead of rushing your order we'll be able to put more time into it. We won't be racing against the clock to get it made up and packed, we'll be able to double check everything is there and correct so this will also mean less mistakes. We'll have more time to share photos of what we've been working on and interact on social media.

As you know we are a small, family business creating all of our products from home. There are two of us who work 'full time' and we have two more members of the family who come in to do a few hours here and there. 

We understand that the whole 'look' of our website and product photos may give off a completely different feel that we are a larger company. In a way, that's great! Glad we're doing a good job! But it can also be frustrating as customers who don't realise that we're just a small business wonder why their order is taking so long.

Actually, why does my order take so long?

Something you've always wondered? As we've already said, we work from home and everything is done from our home by a small, hard-working team.

We design all the products ourselves, we cut them out individually as well as sew them up. Then if they need lights adding, or stars, flowers, etc. That's also done by us. All items are also packaged here too and dropped at our local Post Office. We also create the website, edit all photos, run social media promotions, send invoices, do the accounts, purchase fabrics... (You get the idea!) No work is outsourced.

(If you'd like a look at the process from start to finish check out our Behind The Scenes blog.)

So with this in mind, once we have a large queue of customers it does take a while to get through everyone. For example, just to cut out a Double Trouble can take around 7-12 minutes, depending on the size. That's just to cut it out, then it needs to be sewn and packed up. 

Hopefully this explains why we've increased the processing times. As we always say, we feel our products are worth the wait.


Refunds and Exchanges

We did stop accepting returns a while ago but due to ourselves being of a friendly nature and wanting to make everyone happy we've been accepting returns. We will no longer be doing this. 

Because all of your order is completed here from our home we are able to offer a variety of custom options on most of our made-to-order items. You can design the tutu or veil of your dreams. When you place an order that product is made specifically for you. There's a label with your name on it from the cutting room, to the sewing room, to the packing room. We don't have 50 of those tutus in those specific three different colours, size and length waiting in the stock room for someone to purchase it. This makes your item 'bespoke' 

We will only give a refund if the item is faulty or there has been a mistake on our part. For full information on and the legal stuff check out our Refunds&Exchanges section.

We are always happy to answer any questions about any of our products before you decide to purchase so you do not end up with a tutu or veil that you would need to return. We can help with sizes, lengths, good colour combinations etc. There really is no such thing as a stupid question with us! You can check out the Tutu Info section or our FAQs to help or send us an email. 

We are more than happy to exchange an item for you. Please be aware that the exchange will need to be made to order for you so will we are unable to exchange instantly.


We will no longer tolerate rude customers. If anyone think it is acceptable to send a rude email then their order will be cancelled and they will be blocked.

The majority of our customers are absolutely lovely and one nice customer can make a huge difference in our day!



Introducing Luby&Lola

We are branching out and have created a sister company 'Luby&Lola'

Over at Luby&Lola we will have a wider variety of Minnie ears, flower crowns and other headpieces. These products will still be featured on our Tutu Factory website but we will also have another website with these products.

We'll go into more depth about Luby&Lola very soon but you can check out some new pretties over on their Etsy Shop.

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