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Disneyland Paris Hen Weekend

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If like us, you're Disney addicts then your dream Hen Weekend will be at Disneyland! Now, obviously you're there to see the sights, have fun on the rides, meet the characters and experience all the magic that Disney has to offer. 

But then there's THE PHOTOS. We all need THAT castle photo to have a lasting memory before your fairytale wedding. But there's also lots of other spots that are perfect for photos with the girls as we've seen from our customer photos. 

So if you're soon off for a magical weekend then here's some inspiration before you go!


The Castle Title

"Guys, I want a castle" - Flynn Rider 

disneyland paris Bride To Be


There's lots of places to get a photo with the castle. 

First off, you can get some great ones as close to the castle as possible.

Bestie Castle Selfies

These photos are taking sitting on the wall of the castle entrance. Depending on who is around, you may or may not get away with this! But perfect for photos of the bride or you and your bestie.

Disneyland Paris Photo Ideas

If you haven't posed with a Minnie balloon have you even been to Disney?

These make really gorgeous photo props as shown by Steph above.

Bride facing Disneyland Paris castle

The bride facing the castle makes a magical photo too!

birthday disneyland paris photo ideasfollow me to disneyland

TOP TIP - if you want to try and get an empty (as possible) castle photo in the day then make use of the Extra Magic Time. If you're staying in one of the Disney Park Hotels then you're able to head into the parks earlier.

If you make sure your're there for 'rope drop' or when the park opens then you can be one of the first to get to the castle - perfect photo opportunities! 

You can also be first in line to meet characters like Minnie or Donald (perfect meet and greet photos) and head on a fair few rides that are open. It really is worth getting up earlier, we would definitely recommend it!

So, now you've got all the up close photos with the castle, let's head a little further back for some group photos.


disneyland paris hen weekend veils

disneyland paris castle group photos

disneyland paris group photo selfie bride hen weekend

You can try to get a selfie, but it can be a challenge to get your faces and the castle in! People are more than happy to take photos for you, just make sure you offer in kind to other people too!

So you might think that castle photos any further away won't be as good. But they really are! Check out these examples.

bride in front of Disneyland castle

bride disneyland paris photos

disneyland paris castle photo ideas

It doesn't matter how many people are on Main Street, no one can take the attention away from Sleeping Beauty's castle right?


"I know you... I walked with you, once upon a dream." - Sleeping  Beauty
The great thing about Disney meets is the character interaction! They're always such fun and usually end up providing amazing photos as you can see below.
what to do on your disneyland hen weekend
sleeping beauty disney hen weekend meet and greet photos
meeting mickey on disneyland hen weekend
kissing mickey photo on your hen weekend
You can't not have a kissing Mickey Mouse photo wearing a Minnie Mouse veil, right?!
photo ideas disneyland bride to be hen party weekend
prop title
One of the best things you can do is interact with everything in the park!
Whether it's a ride, the entrance, a statue or simply a shop front. Everything in Disney is so magical that you can get gorgeous photos everywhere.
teacup ride disneyland photo ideas
The teacups are a definite MUST for photo op rides. The colours are gorgeous and you can't go wrong getting a pretty photo there.
disneyland paris photo ideas carousel
Another gorgeous ride for photos is the carousel. It's so beautiful and really easy to get photos of.
Don't forget about all the pretty statues and other pretty props around all the parks.
photo op ideas disneyland paris bride to be disney hen
Never miss an opportunity for a good photo!  It could end up being the BEST photo!
fun disneyland photo ideas for instagram
Just generally being in the park can provide pretty photos too!
group photo ideas disneyland paris hen
Don't forget the entrance to the park! Another perfect photo opportunity!
disneyland park entrance photo ideas disney hen weekend
Don't forget the Disneyland Paris Hotel itself!
disneyland paris sleepover photo ideas instagram
Even bedtime is a great photo op! How gorgeous is this? And obviously Primakr PJs are needed - it would be rude not to!
Paris is only a short journey away from DLP and the station is right next to Disneyland so it's easy enough to make the trip because hellooooo Eiffel Tower photos!
disneyland paris hen weekend ideas
eiffel tower photo disneyland hen weekend ideas
How gorgeous do those photos look?
We hope we've helped inspire you for some amazing hen weekend photos! All veils and ears featured can be found in our Disney Hen section.
We LOVE seeing your photos so please tag us on Instagram @tutufactoryuk or send them in!







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