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Happy Birthday to our very own Disney Princess!

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Yes, our little Princess Olivia is a very grown up 8 years old today! And she has a tutu and Minnie Mouse ear collection that some of you would die for! It really helps being part of the Tutu Factory family. 

Olivia is Luby's Goddaughter and Laura's Niece. So of course, whenever it is a fancy dress day at school or a birthday party, she knows what to do! (Always wins best dressed on the last day of term, obviously!) A lot of the tutus you'll see here were designed especially for 'our Liv's needs and dreams and then added to our shop. 

So she's half way there to working for us really!


Here she is with Laura's youngest daughter, Ivy who is carrying on the tutu loving tradition on her 1st Birthday! (of course, it was Minnie Mouse themed, what else did you expect people?)


Our Sleeping Beauty inspired Minnie Mouse ears were also designed especially for Olivia and her trip to Disneyland Paris. We were so jealous that she got to have a picture taken with Sleeping Beauty there!


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