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How It's Made - Girl on Fire!

Behind The Scenes girl on fire how its made tutu

It's hot stuff right now and it's only going to get hotter the closer we get to Halloween! So we thought we'd give you an insight into how our Girl On Fire tutu is made.

fire halloween tutu lit

We're a small business, based from home in Nottinghamshire, England. So all of the tutus and veils we send out are hand cut, hand sewn and hand packed by ourselves.

The Girl On Fire tutu is made in our popular Cascade style tutu. It's made of six layers in five different colours of dress net to produce a fire look. We then finish it off with white micro LED lights all around.

dress net colours to make tutu

All of our dress net comes on rolls of about 40 metres, they're all stacked in our little cutting studio ready for us to lift about all day!

cutting out your tutu at the tutu factory

So, we're cutting a Regular size tutu at 15" long. A regular size tutu requires 3 panels per layer and we need six layers. So we're going to be using 18 panels for this tutu in a variety of lengths.

Each panel/layer is hand cut by ourselves simply with a pair of scissors. No cutting machines here!

cutting tutus

Different tutu lengths are cut in different layer lengths to create the same effect on each variation. So this 15" tutu has layers of 15,12 and 9. A 12" long tutu would have layers of 12,10 and 8.

ready to cascade

So we put all the panels on top of each other ready to turn this straight tutu into our cascade style!

cascade tutu

We now cut the layers vertically leaving a space at the top so they're all still connected. 

Now it's time to repeat this step another 5 times to make the tutu ready to sew!


That's all the layers done! 

Now it's just time to sew all six layers together and finish off with an elasticated waistband. We then add micro LED lights around the front and back of the tutu and it's finally ready to be packed up and shipped off to it's new home!





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