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Recent Customer Reviews!

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All reviews are important to us and our business.

It helps us to know what we're doing right (or wrong) if we can improve your customer experience and what things we might look to doing or improving on in the future. All customer feedback is helpful to us and we always take on board what our customers have to say. Without our customers we wouldn't be here, doing what we do!

It is always lovely when customers leave you a good review. You feel you've done good, you're working it, you're being a Girl Boss and all that. Then you get that one bad review and it is hard not to take it personally, being such a small business that you have a hand in the whole process.

A lot of the time, people tend not to leave reviews. We're busy people, we all buy online a lot. We'd be leaving reviews all day long (Well, I would but maybe that's just me having a shopping problem...) But if we have a problem, what do we do? We go to social media and let them know. 

We recently had a customer leave a review on our Facebook page along the lines of 'another unhappy customer' which I was slightly confused about. But looking into it I noticed that if people were ever unhappy they left a review on Facebook. Whereas all of our positive reviews are on our Etsy, eBay or via email/messsage.

So I thought I'd share the reviews we've received on our Etsy shop and eBay store in just the last month. We send out a high volume of orders each month, last month alone we sent out 417 individual orders containing anything from one tutu or veil to several tutus or group lots of Minnie Mouse ears. 


Tutu Factory eBay seller profile


We're currently a Top Rated Seller on eBay. You must provide excellent customer service over a period of time, constantly receiving high buyer feedback and prompt deliveries of orders. 

These reviews are just from the last 30 days.


Tutu Factory eBay Feedback Recenttutu factory ebay feedback june

tutu factory reviews ebay

Tutu Factory Reviews 2018


We also have a store on Etsy. Where we have a five star rating with over 2800 sales.

Tutu Factory Etsy Shop

These reviews are from the last month or so.

tutu factory reviews etsy

tutu factory review etsy shop

Tutu Factory reviews etsy shop


We would like to thank everyone who takes the time to leave feedback for their purchase. We want all customers to be happy with their orders and customer experience within our store. 

We are aiming to improve our availability for messages and emails as we know some of you feel we are not available enough. We welcome all feedback on how we can improve our products and service.

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  • Alison Russell on

    Ordered for my hen party it looked amazing got lots of compliments unfortunately it won’t let me upload any pictures

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