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TF Updates!

We've increased our processing time to 4 weeks.

We know, we know - that's forever! But we could still get it out to you within a week, it just depends on how busy we are at the time of you placing your order. It's also to give us a little bit of breathing space when we're really busy, which helps prevent you ladies having your order delayed. As we hate you getting your orders late. This way you have an idea of Worst Case and can place your order in plenty of time.

We've also introduced something new to the website to help process your orders as well as prevent delays. You can now add a date to your order about when you need it for. This enables us to make sure it arrives with you on time and if we have delays with part of your order we can get in touch with you to discuss altering your order if need be to get it out on time. It will also help us advise if you'd need the Rush Fee instead of us both finding out at the last minute!

Here's to a more streamlined order process for the both of us.

(Don't worry we'll be back to interesting posts soon!)

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