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Tutu Tuesday

quote tututuesday

  Yay, the first #tututuesday of 2016! This week's quote is 'It's not about the tutu. It's about what you do in it!' Wearing a tutu is about FUN whatever you do. Whether it's fancy dress fun, fundraising activities, weekends away, serious Cosplay or just a drunken adventure. Even if you're not looking forward to being made to wear a tutu. You're not doing it to be taken seriously. So whatever you do when you wear your tutu.. make sure you own it! That you feel good, look good and rock that tutu!

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Minnie Ears Tutorial

Behind The Scenes Costume DIY Fancy Dress Minnie Minnie Ears Tutorial

The Minnie theme is so in right now, we’re being flooded with orders for Minnie veils and ears. Our admin Laura also couldn't get enough of them and had the theme for her hen night this year. (And yes, it was that good that my mum and main machinist fell over and broke her wrist. She's just come out of plaster!) We’ve made these for a couple of years now and never given out any secrets but we thought it was about time to share the magic so, if you wish you can create your very own! This will be...

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What is it like at the Tutu Factory?

Behind The Scenes Home Business Small Business

  You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re a large company with a team working in all the different departments. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. *Simon Cowell pause* We’re not. Our little company is run from home with only a few employees. In this blog we’re showing a little bit of ‘behind the scenes’ of the Tutu Factory and some little secrets too. If you’re thinking of taking the big step into starting your own business this should show that it can be done! It’s not easy, it’s a lot of hard work and not as straight...

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Designers are always on call

Behind The Scenes Butlins Costume Fancy Dress Tutorial

Sometimes being able to sew is kind of like being a doctor. You always seem to be ‘on call’ even if you aren’t actually doing a shift at work! People always seem to think I carry a sewing kit around with me so I can just ‘sew on this button’ or ‘take this dress in’. I do take some supplies when we go away for fancy dress weekends now as there will always be something that needs doing! And not just that, people always drop by needing a last minute tutu or a costume ‘ASAP’ Obviously, for friends and family...

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Monster Roar!

Behind The Scenes Costume Fancy Dress Jungle Katy Perry Madagascar Roar Roar Costume Tutorial

We have a saying at the Tutu Factory UK when Luby (the designer) creates something that everybody wants and we're working silly hours to get the 100s of orders out. "We've created a monster." And with the Roar costume we certainly did! If you've seen any of our other blogs you'll see we love Katy Perry. But we didn't actually purposely set out to make her Roar costume. A customer requested a custom order to create the roar tutu skirt and we later decided to make one with the flowers and then see if we could make a top to go with...

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