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Part of your World Minnie Mouse Veil

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Part of your World Minnie Mouse Veil


Posted by TuTu Factory on Thursday, 7 January 2016


I managed to take some new photos and two videos of our Minnie Mouse 'Part of your World' veil today. 

It's just like our Happily Ever After Minnie Veil except that it's got pre-made soft ears instead of the hand made glitter fabric ears. This means it gets dispatched quicker and is cheaper too! Everyone goes mad for our Happily Ever After version but this version doesn't seem to get as much love :(

So I thought I'd take some new photos and a video so people could see how lovely it is. You can't really see in a lot of the photos just how sparkly our sparkle net is and hopefully you can now see it on the vids! 

Photos and videos show the silver ears with a white sparkle bow and the white sparkle cascade veil. You can change the colours of the ears, hair bow and veil to match your Disney theme.

Check out the new photos here.



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