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Tutu Tuesday

Tutu Quote Tutu Tuesday

Life is better with a tutu #quote
Yes, it's Tutu Tuesday which means it's Tutu Quote of the Week!
"Life is better with a tutu."
And it really is! You're dressed up with your friends, everyone is always in a happier mood and up for more fun when they're dressed up. Even if it's not a night out, you could be fundraising for a great cause in memory of someone amazing in your life, doing a dance show to show your skills or it's 1AM and you know you said you wasn't going to have a drink but that's 2 bottles of wine gone and it seems like a good time to get my tutu on.
Remember, you don't have to take yourself seriously when you're wearing a tutu. 
(tutu shown is our Funk'D Up Feather tutu in custom colours)

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